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Mellon On The Markets

Jim Mellon, a significant co-owner of, would like to give clients exclusive access to his financial markets. Many are thos commentary "Mellon on the Markets". If you're looking for ways to improve your trading knowledge or if you simply wish to keep abreast of the latest financial news, then this is the report for you.

Many are those who would be willing to pay extremely high consulting fees simply to get half an hour with Jim. "Mellon on the Markets" is an opportunity for you to get complete coverage on the latest finance, banking and economic news directly from Jim Mellon's trading desk, completely for FREE. This is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!

Read through Jim Mellon's analysis of the global markets and learn how to determine whether you should or should not trade headline news driven events. Find out whether Jim will go short or long on a trade or investment, and read on as he gives you a detailed overview of the probable economic outcomes and market scenarios based on past & present market conditions. Get your copy now!
Entrepreneur and millionaire investor Jim Mellon has built a worldwide business empire by investing in a variety of businesses globally, including Jim has an estimated fortune of £850 million and he has been ranked as the 117th wealthiest person in the UK by The Sunday Times.

He is also an avid financial trader who provides daily updates on his trading for free via Twitter. Subscribe to his twitter feed now @jimmhk

We hope you enjoy this financial markets report and we look forward to getting in touch with you about any future offers.

opportunity for you to get complete coverage on the latest finance